There’s a missing piece to the Mueller Report, & it hints at a national security nightmare. Thoughts from the brilliant & me via
All that said, I agree with (and others): "the report details plenty of collusion, defined as two sides acting out of mutual interest" And that's what informs this piece that and I just wrote: <end>
"the report details plenty of collusion" - "damning series of facts" on collusion thread highlights counterintel issues In NYT, and I analyze very serious counterintel issues in Mueller report
This is a vital reminder of the grave threats to national security that & the Intel Committees must investigate now. & perform a major public service with this MUST READ op-ed about our seemingly compromised president
The Mueller report offers glimpses of a counterintelligence investigation on Trump and Russia that surely sets off very national security alarm bells, say and
Mueller Hints at a National-Security Nightmare
The national security nightmare isn't that there was foreign interference in our internal politics... is that our political system is so unstable that even a ham handed effort like this had any effect.