Jared Kushner is "extremely smart, but he has no guts," the French ambassador tells
Outgoing French ambassador takes a parting shot at the Blob. Via interviewer extraordinaire (that’s French!)
Read outgoing French ambassador to the United States in this interview to : "They won’t make them citizens of #Israel. So they'll have to make it official ... which is an apartheid ... They are in fact already."
Washington's loss is New York's gain. The great on Trump, NATO, the yellow vests and much more
In which does not hold back. On Jared Kushner and his Middle East peace plan: "He is totally in real-estate mode. He is totally dry. He’s extremely smart, but he has no guts. He doesn’t know the history."
.⁦⁩: “People here faint when you discuss NATO, but when he said, “Why should we defend Montenegro?,” it’s a genuine question. I know that people at Brookings or the Atlantic Council will faint again, but really yes, why, why should you?”
French Ambassador to the US: “..free trade. It’s over. Trump is doing it in his own way. Brutal, a bit primitive, but in a sense he’s right. What he’s doing with China should have been done, maybe in a different way, but should have been done before.”
To the Atlantic on Jared Kushner "He is totally dry. He’s extremely smart, but he has no guts. He doesn’t know the history [of the Middle East]."
Outgoing French ambassador to US speaking plainly on the state of play in Israel
"There is a misconception about Trump which is American and French: saying Trump is an accident, and when Trump leaves power, everything will go back to business as usual. That’s the dream of Washington, D.C." --
Fascinating, candid, surprising interview with the outgoing French ambassador to the US
Fascinating interview by with outgoing French Ambassador , where he dishes on Trump (right on trade if "brutal" & "primitive"), Jared Kushner ("smart" but "no guts”) & Iran deal (Europe came really close to an agreement with US)
ICYMI: Former French Ambassador gives exit interview to in , offering his insight on the US and it's politics. Read here
France’s blockheaded diplomatic arsonist is moving on to let someone else clean up his mess. A good day for for those who care about diplomacy
Extraordinary interview and profile of .
Fascinating interview with . "You are offering us a test case of what happens when a populist is elected in a liberal democracy. So thank you very much for the test case. What is important in this crisis is the strength of your institutions."
Very interesting interview with the outgoing French ambassador, who incidentally, I am blocked by
V. interesting interview with the outgoing French ambassador to the US.
A Conversation With Outgoing French Ambassador Gérard Araud. A must read.