A thread! published an article I wrote about the politics of shade in Los Angeles. Shade, as in, whatโ€™s under a tree, or a covered walkway, or created by an awningโ€”basically, where you want to be on a hot day. Itโ€™s cooler there! 1/
"Shade is often understood as a luxury amenity, lending calm to courtyards + tree-lined blvds, cooling + obscuring jewel boxes + glass cubes. But as deadly, 100-degree heatwaves become commonplace, we have to learn to see shade as a civic resource..."
This is a nice discussion of a public resource that intersects with multiple policy fields, planning issues, and patterns of difference in the city: shade.
โ€œThere are nearly 1,900 official bus shelters in Los Angeles city limits... Who decides where the shade goes?โ€
Louder now, for those in the back: "Shade should be a mandate for urban designers." #RVA
Shade is the difference between a pleasant walk or a miserable one, and as the days heat up its the difference between a safe walk and an unsafe one. #placemaking #streets