The love of learning and literature displays aren't "meaningless erudition." They're signals about his character, curiosity, and pursuit of meaning. I hate seeing this kind of anti-intellectualism in the , of all places.
I wrote about Mayor Pete, premium tier media, and what happens when ‘intelligence’ gets turned into a meme.
I've been thinking a lot about this strange diss of Pete Buttigieg because it perfectly illustrates horseshoe theory—although its critique is ostensibly progressive, large chunks of the article would fit comfortable in the Federalist or American Greatness.
This piece is so good
Kudos to the Times for publishing this piece that's putatively about Mayor Pete, but is more accurately an indictment of elite media identity politics as practiced at the New York Times and elsewhere.
Beto and Buttigieg feel like flip sides of the same coin. Or, maybe: The dorky-cool older brother and the dorky-dorky younger brother. It is … unsurprising that they appeal to the sort of person who gravitates toward political journalism.
A wonderful take-down of the current media darling: ‘With his air of decency and grab bag of gifted-and-talented party tricks, [Buttigieg] doesn’t so much represent the will of the Democratic electorate but rather the aspirations of its educated elite’
Well, his French is beyond “internetty” capable and his response to difficult questions—esp about sacking the police chief of South Bend—were offline-intelligent and compelling. He strikes me as what Beto wants to be.
“Julián Castro — a former mayor of San Antonio...went to Stanford and Harvard Law School. Cory Booker was a Rhodes scholar, too. Amy Klobuchar went to Yale, and Kirsten Gillibrand, another Ivy Leaguer, speaks Mandarin“
"Ryan Lizza of Esquire asked Buttigieg if running for president was more like “Ulysses” or “Finnegans Wake”; Buttigieg’s answer was mostly incoherent, but to be fair, the question didn’t make much sense either."
"Imagining yourself in a book club with Pete Buttigieg becomes this election’s having a beer with George W. Bush"
I'm no fan of Boot-Edge-Edge. But this is absolutely the worst criticism of him: that he's just too darn smarty-pants. This is a pure expression of envy and resentment at intellectual accomplishment.
As a reminder, Harry is a C student who is more interested in sports than studying. It’s Hermione who is the smart one. And boy, if forgetting that doesn’t tell you everything about media bias.
Buttigieg calling cards are mostly media-stimulated exaggerations that could’ve been made about other candidates: languages he speaks, Ulysses comments, anti-Trump personality, educational credentials, mayoral record Biting critique of media in his rise
“Meaningless Erudition” is a great band name — or a drink served in the basement bar of Princeton’s graduate college
Low-key smuggled into this rant about humanities grad elitism polluting the coverage of Mayor Pete is an implicit defense of test-based measurement of merit
I heard a Great story this week from an acquaintance who spoke in detail with my dude about the last 30 years of policy towards Iran…and then a bit in Farsi. I guess people can hate on learned elites if they want, but I’m kinda over the alternative.