We are now into NHS story silly season. Even if this works (and recent form e.g. following Carter review, suggests it's a tad overoptimistic) that is £420,000 Vs a total NHS budget of c £125Bn. Junior minister trying to look relevant. PR fail
Just beyond unbelievable! This Government squanders £4 billion on no-deal Brexit preparations, turns a blind eye to billions lost to tax havens every year & then plans to scrap morning cereals for NHS patients to save £400k off breakfast costs!!!
NHS to scrap morning cereals as part of plan to cut £400k off breakfast costs Would like to see the like for like! Quality as well. Agree with the concept but need transparency! What % of the saving is going to the #NHS
The #NHS will scrap some morning cereals as part of plan to cut £400k off #breakfast costs. NHS Supply will no longer routinely stock #Weetabix and #BranFlakes because of rising prices.