Making $100k in the Bay Area means you can afford rent - just rent - in only 28% of zip codes - and they're all an hour-plus drive from SF. That's down from 70% six years prior. Everything in blue=rent above $2,000-$2,500 a month Purple= rent above $3k
An exclusive ZIP code analysis shows how little most Bay Area families can afford. By last year, even those with low six-figure incomes couldn't afford the median market-rate rent in 72% of Bay Area neighborhoods. By and
(1/3) I spent months looking at what it takes to afford to live in the Bay Area, neighborhood by neighborhood over time, working with the talented Kaitlyn Bartley () and in partnership with . The project is finally out today.
“In Redwood City, for example, a buyer in 2012 could afford the median mortgage in a flatlands neighborhood west of El Camino Real on an income of just $89,600. By last year, they would have needed $200,400.” In just 7 years!