Five conclusions from the Mueller report.
I’d been waiting to see what would make of the Mueller Report. This one’s worth every word
"If there wasn’t collusion on the hacking, it sure wasn’t for lack of trying." on the five most important takeaways from the Mueller Report
“I see a group of people for whom partisan polarization wholly and completely defeated patriotism.”
Ben Wittes on his close reading of Mueller's report: "The impeachability of the conduct described by Mueller is not a close call. This is heartland impeachment material—the sort of conduct the impeachment clauses were written to address."
"Mueller looks at these through a legal lens; he’s a prosecutor, after all, looking to answer legal questions. But I found myself reading it through a very different lens: patriotism." ()
Now is a good time to read ’s definitive piece on what the Mueller report revealed
"No, the investigation did not find a criminal conspiracy in the veritable blizzard of contacts between Trumpworld and the Russians," argues . "But this is an ugly story for Trump."
"Keystone collusion"
Five Things I Learned From the Mueller Report, by
Five Conclusions From the Mueller Report