Heading into Yosemite National Park to talk about our historic climate action plan. Follow along throughout the day and read the plan at
Climate change is the greatest threat we face. And we won't solve it with half measures or half the country. It will take all of us. That’s why I just announced an historic, ambitious plan to meet this challenge and invest in our communities. Read it here
So it begins. Beto's campaign releases climate plan. Similar to Green New Deal. Huge investment in clean tech, pathway to zero emissions by 2050, getting rid of fossil fuel subsidies. Looking forward to seeing the next dozen plans.
Just 2 more to go! Now takes the stage. To me, he has performed above expectations, especially given he's from Texas. I think he is quite open to learning from activists--you saw that with the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge. #ClimateTownHall
THREAD - Here’s my first treatment of Beto O’Rourke’s climate change plan. Sorry it took 48 hours to get out, and hope you read this monster.
Before tonight's #ClimateTownHall, it’s notable that Texan chose a climate plan for his campaign’s first policy rollout months ago The plan commits to both executive & legislative action to cut pollution & achieve net zero emissions by 2050
Good stuff from , which reads like the movement had a baby w a consultant. Movement W’s: - Prioritize investments in frontline communities - Moratorium on oil & gas leasing on public lands and permitting overhaul - Echoes of GND all over
. released a big #climatechange & #cleanenergy plan today 1. Executive action on Day 1 (rejoin Paris, restart regs etc) 2. $1.5 trillion direct investment to mobilize $5 trillion for climate solutions 3. Legislation to "guarantee" net 0x2050
Beto O'Rourke released a $5 trillion climate plan this a.m.: -EOs to regulate methane, halt fossil fuel leasing on federal lands -push legally-enforceable "standard" to hit net zero emissions by 2050 -union job training -10x increase in mitigation grants
. just unveiled an ambitious climate plan, calls for net-zero emissions by 2050, big steps on climate resilience, and is his first detailed policy plan. You can check it out here: Story coming shortly.
So, for instance, Beto O'Rourke is proposing $1.5 trillion over 10 years in federal spending and tax credits. He estimates that will "catalyze" an additional $3.5 trillion in private investment — and calls the whole thing a $5 trillion plan: /2
Details are a little vague but sure sounds like Beto is proposing something like cap-and-trade, with the cap shrinking to zero by 2050. This is the correct thing to do if you really care about net zero emissions by 2050
. has a later date: "We need a guarantee that we will, in fact, achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and get halfway there by 2030."
Minor thing, but I keep seeing O'Rourke's climate plan referred to as a $5 trillion proposal. Is that a bit misleading? He's proposing $1.5 trillion in direct spending and tax credits that, he says, will "mobilize" additional trillions in private capital