How Australia became Italy with crocodiles - looks forward to May's Australian elections and explains how a country that once had very boring politics has gone unpredictable
How Australia became Italy with crocodiles: to understand Saturday's Australian elections read 's account of how Aussie politics went mad - & interesting
Thanks to the good offices of , I've acquired a sudden influx of followers. Here's some of my writing. First up, a piece from on how Australia - with its prime ministerial carousel - became Italy with crocodiles
"How Australia became Italy with crocodiles" Helen () on top form here.
And while we’re on the subject of Australian elections and the country’s peculiar politics (complete with prime ministerial revolving door), I’ve written this explainer for the wonderful on how Australia became Italy with crocodiles.
Speaking predictively, I think Labor’s going to win this Saturday - so get used to PM Shorten. But there’s a lot more to #auspol than one election. In this piece for , I introduce UK readers to the wonder that is ‘Italy with crocodiles’