Congratulations to newly naturalized citizen Faisal Saeed Al Mutar! More proof that immigrants make America great. To commemorate this event, donate to Ideas Beyond Borders
We're thrilled to launch Lying by to the Arabic-speaking world this week! Check out the Arabic book cover 👀and spread the word! See it online at Help us make even more of Sam's books available by going to TODAY!
ISIS and other groups know the power of translation, of ensuring their memes of terror are represented in the local language of their target audiences. is leading the ideological counter-insurgency against #ISIS & their ilk. Support our work:
Logical fallacies have been translated to Arabic by our organization :) Link: This is IMPORTANT and VALUABLE. We need your support!
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My organization translated more than 100 articles about evolution! Support our work: Check our program:
I'm happy and honored to work with them. And at least by this one metric, we're certainly making an impact. You can support their work here
We now have 12 partners! June has been a great month of Ideas Beyond Borders!!!!!!