THREAD As many of you are aware, we have launched - our tactical vote dashboard intended to stop a pro-Brexit Parliament at the next General Election. 1/n
If you want to vote tactically - and the evidence is that tactical voting stands between a Leave Government and a Remain Government - I suggest you use this site run by for a voting recommendation.
20,000 tactical votes can change the election result... Our tactical tool has reached 3.5m people TODAY. 4,440 have used it in Kensington 2,700 in Cities of London & Westminster 2,400 in Wimbledon PLEASE AMPLIFY THIS MSG for the post-work voting rush.
💥The election is on💥Please share this with everyone you know who is worried about a Boris Johnson majority. We must vote tactically to stop him because of our outrageously crap voting system & the remain parties not working together in enough seats
💥 Breaking: Our new research out today shows almost 8 MILLION people are missing from the electoral register, incl 900K of the . We have until Tuesday to get them signed up for the EuParlElections. Our tool makes it easy to sign up to vote: 💥
💥 REMAINERS💥 I know that you’re feeling powerless today. The ONE thing you can do is drive up sign ups to vote on 23 May. Deadline is NEXT TUESDAY. There are nearly 8mn that still need to sign up. 1.34mn a day! Do your thing!
Over 3.5 million today in TARGET SEATS have seen our voting advice today and 50,000 now looking at at any one moment... If you get a chance, please do give us a follow on social media as well! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - THANK YOU! #VoteTactically
Our site was previously running on 25 servers and we have had to up it 70 servers to cope with the volume of traffic on
STOP THE TORIES KLAXON! STOP BREXIT KLAXON! TACTICAL VOTING KLAXON! Find out who you need to vote for to stop the Tories at #VoteTheToriesOut
❗️FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS❗️ The data has been used to inform Best for Britain’s final tactical voting recommendations at
It is a choice between me & in #EsherandWalton. I am the #StopBrexit candidate in the upcoming election. Check it out 👉 #TacticalVoting #VoteLibDem #GeneralElection2019
THREAD: because there's so much fake news doing the rounds about We are currently backing 375 Labour candidates in England and Wales - that's in 65% of the seats. We are backing less than half the number of Lib Dems at 180.
7.9 million people are missing from the electoral register. Don't lose your voice. Sign up to vote now. #GetVoting
VOTE TACTICALLY ✅ There are 1️⃣0️⃣9️⃣ seats where fewer than 5000 tactical votes would win the seat away from the Tories. cc:
Farage & Johnson got their act together. Corbyn & Swinson couldn’t. So voters have to do their job for them and vote tactically. It’s all we have left
‘Go tribal, get Tory’ - that’s the reality for many in this upcoming, nation-defining election. If ever there was a time to hold ones nose and vote tactically, it’s now. Check out ’s tactical voting advice for a Remain/PV future here
Remainers - We can win as long as we vote tactically. Make sure you’re registered to vote. Then sign up for tactical voting recommendations from the team
We’re on Twitter, and have sensible people advising us on tactical voting, but millions don’t. So, help your non-Brexity friends, family members, colleagues etc. to vote tactically. Talk to them. Post a link on Facebook, Instagram etc. Spread the word!
Yesterday, I was sad when I wrote a thread about how I'd changed my mind about how to vote in the EP elections. Everything I've seen since has hardened my resolve. #EUelections2019 #VoteRemain only!
Incredibly, over 3 million people have now used ...and over 15 million have now seen or heard of it on social media and elsewhere. We are working to ensure we reach even more, especially in seats where a small number of votes could make a difference.
This is excellent validation of and our MRP data! We recommend voting The Green Party in Isle of Wight. With the LibDems standing down, chances of success for. Pro-EU MP have risen considerably!
“When the house is on fire, you don’t care too much if the water you put it out with is dirty" A French communist on voting for conservative Jacques Chirac against the far-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2002 Presidential election #TacticalVoting
This is a link to the tactical voting website They have spent £millions on polling & very expensive constituency level analysis There seems to be a LOT of unsatisfactory sites vying for attention. No idea about their background & quality
You'll remember that launched a tactical voting advice site at . The advice was informed by an MRP model.
By my first check of this tactical voting site: Seats in which the Lib Dems aren't the incumbent and are recommended: 175 Seats in which Labour aren't the incumbent and are recommended: 1 (HT )
The Best 4 Britain site is backing the LibDems' as the best placed candidate to beat the Tories in #Wimbledon. Vote tactically and let's stop a Johnson majority government. #GE2019
7/7 This is why we have created this tool to make sure people don’t lose their voice in these elections. It is not right that young people and EU nationals won’t get a say in their future.
Breaking News! New analysis released today by suggests the slimmest of leads for the LibDems in #Wimbledon! With the tactical vote we have a real chance to take this seat and help stop a Johnson majority. Vote #GE2019
One week! #TacticalVoting important as at this point you're not voting for a party but to stop one. Stopping the the Tories is our only shot at #Remain so once again please #VoteTactically Don't wake up on the 13th wishing you had cast a #TacticalVote.
Get registered to vote before it’s too late… ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT 😲 Do it the easy way, online in 5 mins at . Do the #3Amigos challenge 🏆 Get 3 mates to register, x3 your vote 💪 #ThisTimeImVoting #RegisterToVote #EUelections2019
There’s nearly 8 million missing from the electoral register. The deadline for the elections is Tuesday. We need to sign up more than a million people a day between now & then. Just Do It ✔️
Suspect that most level-headed pro-#EU voters will be voting tactically in #GE2019 , even if they have to hold their noses to do so, as that is seen as the only way to #stopJohnson & #remain in the #EU. Sites like are springing up. #bbcr4today
Brexit party are literally putting extra 70 to 80 Labour MPs into parliament by standing. Check to see the numerous seats being handed to Gina, Jo & Jezza
Thanks to bestforbritain who are suggesting people vote tactically for me and the in Witney! #LibDems #WinningHere #Votes #SnapElection19 #GE2019 #Witney #WestOxfordshire 🇬🇧❤️🇪🇺🔶🗳
Get your tactical vote recommendation from . Together we can stop Brexit. #GeneralElection #GE19
I've got a paper to write this week (😖) but Thursday I'll make time to #BeAVoter. 🌟Encourage young people you know to make a plan for when to vote on Thurs. 🌟Hold your nose and tactically: 🌟Find your polling station.
- by Best for Britain. In Totnes please vote Lib Dem to stop a Conservative landslide
In the polling data that sits behind the tactical voting advisory website, the BXP were ahead of the CONS in just seven seats in England and Wales. In the data that sits behind , the BXP is ahead in zero seats.
Thank you for tactical voting advice to #StopBrexit vote in the #Totnes constituency
That looks to be based on an extremely bold prediction model informed by recent polls and EU election results - put EC1A 1HQ into & scroll down for barcharts. gives different, more plausible, advice
Not sure whether to vote? Register anyway, so you have that choice ✅ Deadline to register is midnight⌛️ This website links to all the relevant sites including the extra form non-UK EU citizens in the UK need to send, & the correct email addresses 📧
In case you need it...
Let's stop Liar Johnson in his tracks.