Looking into this, I think the popular name of 'Doomsday Glacier' for Thwaites comes from a 2017 Rolling Stone article It's definitely melting, probably vulnerable to unstable collapse, and contains enough ice to change coastlines...
We took prompt action to curb CFC emissions that otherwise would have led to an almost uninhabitable planet. Faced with the same situation, we're choosing inaction.
The first time I remember seeing the tag line 'doomsday glacier' was in a 2017 article in Rolling Stone Magazine by . You should have trade-marked it Jeff.
Oh if only got a nickel each time Thwaites was called the Doomsday Glacier! A really good explainer (May 2017)
As most of you know, Thwaites Glacier is the "soft underbelly" of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. If it goes, it'll take most of WAIS with it, collapse the whole damned thing. The world cares "How Much, How Fast?", which is still a HUGE scientific question.