I wrote about the 's remarkable financial turnaround — from losing $300 million over a 7-year span to actually turning a profit. "Are there lessons to be learned, Josh?" YES THERE ARE AND I LIST THEM AT THIS CONVENIENT URL
Perhaps the most amazing number: Only *8 percent* of Guardian revenue now comes from print advertising.
The Guardian is now profitable for the first time in more than 20 years—and did it without paywalls or dumbing down. Can other newspapers learn from its example?
I know far more than is healthy about the inner workings of the ⁦⁩ , and ⁦⁩ gets this right
Finally took a moment to read this about the 's digital turnaround & where print fits in that
Großartig, was sich der Guardian aufgebaut hat: - 55% des Umsatzes online (NYT zum Vergleich tolle 40%) - nur 8% Print Werbung - 190k Premium digital subscriptions - 365k regelmäßige freiwillige Unterstützer
Finally, a feel-good newspaper industry story: 55% of Guardian revenue comes from digital--a bar very few major newspapers have met via
Want to see what one digital future for newspapers looks like? Look at The Guardian, which isn't losing money anymore via