Trump privately has been insulting intelligence of potential 2020 rival Joe Biden. His allies want to target Biden's son, Hunter Biden, saying he's fair game given that Democrats have criticized Don Jr.
Should Biden remain atop the 2020 field, Trump and his allies may to attack the former vice president’s family, reports
Trump campaign private polling shows that Biden would be Trump's strongest Democratic challenger in 2020 -- a result that squares with public polling.
"As they weigh Biden’s weaknesses, some in Trump’s orbit plan to zero in on the candidate’s only living son, Hunter, a move that will almost certainly spark a backlash." scoops Trump's strategy against Biden
sleepy joe, third of his name, son of scranton, protector of the International Association of Fire Fighters
"The coming Biden evisceration may prove to be more brutal than anything the president has yet unleashed. Make no mistake: Team Trump sees Biden as a genuine threat to the 45th president’s second term." Smart piece from