Here you go: a referendum on harassment and membership for members. If you are a current member & support this cause, please fill in your name, email address, & SAA Member ID (found at saa. org). LET'S DO THIS! 🤠✍️ (14/14) #SAA2019
Our petition to has hit 600!!! 👏👏👏 Sign this if you haven't yet. Its purpose is to bring SAA in line with RPA, AAA, NAS, and others who have adopted similar language on harassers and annual meetings. Let's not let #SAA2019 happen again!
We've topped 500 signatures, people, and with that we are 69% of the way there! ✍️ Let's get this wrapped up by tomorrow so I can have my weekend back, yeah? 🙃
The latest ASWG email update was just sent! If you are an member & want to follow our #SAA2019 petition for bylaws change, the easiest way to get on our mailing list is by signing the petition form: . There WILL be a vote for SAA members soon!