"Future generations will look back at today as a pivotal moment in DNA’s cultural history" but at the same time public misconceptions about human heredity are rife. Must-read piece deftly debunking some of the big myths around our genomes
Here’s my cover story from the new issue of "Seven Big Misconceptions About Heredity”
Clear, concise responses to some of the most common misconceptions about human genetics by , also a nice primer to his fantastic book "She Has Her Mother's Laugh" if you haven't read it...
"There’s a lot we can learn about ourselves in these test results. But there’s also a huge opportunity to draw the wrong lessons."— explains seven common misconceptions about heredity and genetics in the .
Was it the DNA that made you that way? Great overview by 🧬 Seven Big Misconceptions about Heredity
Interesting story about the the most common misconceptions arising about heredity. Food for thought in an era of personal #DNA data and personalization. By&via