If only there was some way of knowing why Labour has done badly in #LocalElections2019. In unrelated news, I’m not sure about their new slogan: “Bailing out the Tories”.
In case you’re wondering what facilitating a Tory Brexit means, here’s Barry Gardiner. This should be the next broadcast. Just this, on a loop.
A horrifying measure of how far Corbyn has driven Labour to the Right. ‘We are trying to bail you guys out on Brexit' - BBC News
Imagine ANY Labour Leadership, EVER, bailing out a Tory Government austerity programme. Or bailing out a rise in child poverty, inequality, homelessness. That's what they're enabling right now on Brexit. About time Labour MPs did more than write letters.
And what was our reward last night for ‘bailing out’ the Tories on Brexit, Barry? It was to share the losses with them - to Lib Dem’s, Greens and others who are clear that they oppose Brexit
Labour trying to bail out the Tories!we knew it - why would they in a million years want to do that? ‘We are trying to bail you guys out on Brexit' - BBC News
quote of the night was Barry Gardiner telling Tory minister James Cleverly "we are trying to bail you guys out on Brexit"
From the horse's mouth Labour are trying to bail out the Tories on Brexit Why would any self-respecting Remainer vote for a party led by a brexiteer? #LocalElections2019 #CorbynOut #JC4P45
Well here we have it. Barry Gardiner confirms Labour’s pro-Brexit stance when he says to Tory Brexit Minister, James Cleverly, “We are trying to bail you guys out on Brexit”. Well, thanks a bunch, Barry and thanks a bunch Jeremy!
Brexit Labour's finest hour? Labour 'trying to bail out' Tories on Brexit says Barry Gardiner Labour bailing out the toxic Tories? Well who would have believed it! They inhabit the same skin. Never vote for either of them again. IMHO
People’s Goat, Barry Gardiner, openly admits that Labour is trying to prop up the Tories. Remainers... DO NOT VOTE FOR LABOUR. #LocalElections2019 #Remain #StopBrexitFixBritain