“He and her team, which included Nanyun Peng and Percy Liang, tried to give their AI some creative wit, using insights from humor theory.” ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩. The Comedian Is in the Machine. AI Is Now Learning Puns | WIRED
A robot walks into a bar ... on a new attempt to teach computers how to construct puns. Most are still terrible ("The greyhound stopped to get a hare cut."). But they're improving, and that's a bad sign for human punsters via
Very nice article on cool new work by He He, Nanyun Peng, and Percy Liang (and very generous coverage of some of our work too)
"Even from the outside, I could tell that he’d already lost some wait."
How fast can #AI learn? AI can create music, play chess and even drive cars. But now, AI can tell jokes? Read here: Article by #innovation #tech
Coverage of exciting work from alum at on automatic pun generation.
AI can't believe the quality of the machine-learning generated puns in this story by
I learned something new this morning! “Surprisal is one of the most central concepts in both AI and cognitive science,” And there is a theory for puns. "The Comedian Is in the Machine. AI Is Now Learning Puns" via