New from me at : The enduring appeal of #Nabokov on his (somewhat belated) 120th anniversary
The Case for Nabokov | by
"It is quite true that Lolita pulls us inside the mind of a manipulative, narcissistic child molester, at times inviting us to sympathize with his frustrations and fears—an experience as unsettling as it should be," writes .
"An even moderately careful reading of Lolita should make it quite clear that it’s anything but a 'celebration' of child rape," writes .
"One can only imagine what Nabokov, who spoke of his lifelong 'aversion to groups' and disgust with 'ideological coercion,' would have made of the current cultural moment," writes .
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Characteristically excellent new piece by on Nabokov. First thing I did when I finished it was buy "Invitation to a Beheading," which I had never heard of but sounds amazing.