Fact that never before seen evidence/videos/docs only become public years later in even the most high profile cases -Oscar Grant, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland- underscores need for deep skepticism about police narratives of every use of force incident
A grand jury investigation, a wrongful death lawsuit, and legislative hearings didn't unearth the video that Sandra Bland took of her own arrest. An investigative reporter did. Kudos to , & the Investigative Network.
It should be perfectly clear that Sandra Bland was threatened, arrested, jailed, and killed for the worst crime a Black woman can commit: demanding respect from a white police officer and standing up for her legal & human rights.
Holy shit. Never-before-seen video footage recorded by Sandra Bland on her phone shows the Texas state trooper who arrested her lied about the whole thing. He pointed a taser at her and yelled, “I will light you up!” Watch the full thing here
Immediately re-open the investigation into Sandra Bland's arrest and death. There must be full accountability and justice.
These revelations add new outrage to the case of Sandra Bland. In the name of justice, the investigation into her arrest and death must be reopened.
Sandra Bland recorded her own arrest. Does she even remotely sound like a women who in just a couple days will commit suicide? #OpentheCase #SandraBlandSpeaks
"I will light you up" -- White supremacist killer cop Brian Encinia still walks free and #SandraBland ’s family demands investigation into her death be reopened after cellphone video that she recorded of her brutal arrest released by state