“If you see other people as souls, it’s much harder to loathe groups of them....if you treat the other person as an infinite soul, you’ll probably end up treating them the way you should be treating them.” My interview with in
This by Pete Wehner in ⁦⁩ is something rare- a respectful examination of the role of faith in the life and thought of good man. David is earnest about life’s largest questions without a hint of arrogance. I am fortunate to know both men.
"[The Second Mountain] speaks to deep human longings and to the particular challenges of our time-loneliness, alienation, social isolation, hyper-individualism. It helps that it does so with elegance, thoughtfulness, a personal touch and great integrity."
“The world is just much more enchanted than it needs to be,” he told me. “We’ve been given these gifts.” , on .
"In reading this book you have the sense you’re on a journey with a friend. It speaks to deep human longings & to particular challenges of our time--loneliness, alienation, social isolation, hyper-individualism. My hunch is it will change countless lives."