"Attempting to explain the underlying motives of a person based on identity categories is barely coherent at the theoretical level, and, in practical application, falls apart completely." This is a must read.
Nick Skildun studied culture for many years in the military so after his medical retirement, he thought cultural studies would be the perfect degree for him. He didn't think so for long...
A former soldier writes on the difference between actually studying culture rigorously while inside it and doing cultural studies at a university.
That's why I was so excited about this one & the page views confirmed you want this kind of analysis too.
Excellent, just excellent
There's a difference between understanding people according to the myriad influences that work upon them vs. simple racial or uni-variate categorization. The latter, apparently, is what we often get in cultural studies at universities. From
I find this article fascinating bec it describes a pendulum shift in academia.