Y’all, we did it. Together, we helped put the fundraising efforts to save over the top. Y’all are amazing. If you wanted to give but haven’t gotten around to it, please do. They could still use the money. In awe of you all. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
so many people have moved to brooklyn and only taken from it. donating to the fundraiser to keep the historical site of weeksville, in crown heights, open, is one way to give back. if you have disposable income, it is your duty to give to this campaign
. & I need your help. We're raising $$ to prevent a literal closure this summer & to have time to figure out a smarter way to fund our mission & operations. 1. Check out the video w/ Michael K. Williams 2. Consider a donation 3. Pls share!
Please donate to Heritage Center, which tells the history of a free black community founded in 1838 in Central Brooklyn, that had its own school, newspaper, churches and was a hotbed of black political organizing and wealth building
The Weeksville Heritage Center is one of the brightest gems in Brooklyn — it's also wildly underappreciated, and now in grave danger of closing. I don't ask a lot of y'all but this place is important to me & to my neighborhood. Please give, if you can
63. 🚨 The Weeksville Historical Center needs our help! Weeksville was a refuge for free African-Americans before slavery was abolished The center needs to raise $18k or they'll have to close I'm in for $250 - who will join me? We can do this in 30 mins
Urgent appeal to help Weeksville, a history and arts complex incorporating landmarked homes of black Brooklyn farmers, many of whom were formerly enslaved before starting this community.
...The youth were speaking truth to power by testifying for the landmark status of the now Historic Hunterfly Road Houses. The youth are the spark of revolution! We did then and we can do it again. #SaveWeeksville #SelfDetermination 2/2
OMG! Thank you so much. You are, as always, amazing! Link for donations here
I told you I would be haranguing you about . Today’s the harangue because I am high key FURIOUS THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE
The #WeeksvilleHeritageCenter, a #NewYork #treasure of early #AfricanAmerican & 19th century #culture in #Brooklyn, is nearing its #fundraising goal; plz help push them over the line & beyond if you can
I believe this will get you there