Antizionism was invented and its shape was mapped out in the Soviet Union by the KGB as an antisemitic ideology.
New to #Fathom: 'Soviet Anti-Zionism and Contemporary Left Antisemitism' by
Fun fact: the themes of colonialist alien Zionism that among others is now reproducing come out of Stalin's 1950s propaganda machine. Good analysis here
Socialism of people who believe the the USSR and its allied political fronts were benign forces whose political positions - including re: Jews - carried validity. The piece is brilliant - best place I’ve seen it put in one essay
Ultimately the far left acts like this because it’s the far left. Any self-described communist who comments on antisemitism should learn that
"The messaging emanating from today’s far-left anti-Zionist camp is strikingly similar to the messaging of the Soviet anti-Zionist campaigns."