Antizionism was invented and its shape was mapped out in the Soviet Union by the KGB as an antisemitic ideology.
New to #Fathom: 'Soviet Anti-Zionism and Contemporary Left Antisemitism' by
Fun fact: the themes of colonialist alien Zionism that among others is now reproducing come out of Stalin's 1950s propaganda machine. Good analysis here
#Fathom23 Highlight: ‘By equalising Zionism with fascism and Nazism, Soviet propaganda architects sought to create a visceral reaction -of a kind that didn’t depend on fact but on a deep feeling'. Read 's excellent essay on Soviet Judeophobia
Ultimately the far left acts like this because it’s the far left. Any self-described communist who comments on antisemitism should learn that
Socialism of people who believe the the USSR and its allied political fronts were benign forces whose political positions - including re: Jews - carried validity. The piece is brilliant - best place I’ve seen it put in one essay
"The messaging emanating from today’s far-left anti-Zionist camp is strikingly similar to the messaging of the Soviet anti-Zionist campaigns."