The American Family Association has launched a petition drive condemning my alleged "yellow journalism." My sin? Critiquing Franklin Graham for condemning Clinton's sexual sin while calling Trump's "nobody's business." Here's my response
Oh for pity’s sake! The AFA is just colossally stupid and tribalistic to do this. Disagree with David French, no problem, but a petition drive against him for being insufficiently woke to the right? High-grade Christian crackpottery, for sure.
How The Right Lost Its Mind, Chapter 9870. a petition to condemn... David French????? I mean, just feel the moonbattery here...
The signatures are slowing down. Only 36,000 people have condemned my "yellow journalism" and "character assassination." What's up? Read below. Some people are really upset that I hold Donald Trump and Bill Clinton to the same standards
In a sense, life would be easier for if he just went with the flow, adjusting his values to the temper of the day. But he can't, poor bastard. Great honor to him.
Imagine thinking and Mayor Pete deserve some kind of moral condemnation but Donald Trump does not
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