Whatever you think, listen: Sam Harris talks Islam, politics on Kara Swisher podcast Recode Decode - Vox
“He says he doesn’t think violent white supremacy is as big of a problem as violent jihad.” Gosh: what a complete, total surprise.
How are people like Sam Harris … utter babies? About extremely light criticism?
.⁦⁩: “In reality, white supremacy, and certainly murderous white supremacy, is the fringe of the fringe in our society and any society.” [Podcast w/ ⁦⁩ on Islam, identity politics, Twitter & atheism among other things.]
Sam Harris tells that he doesn't have any form of identity that affects his view of politics. Similar to what he told : other people are biased, but he's able to focus on things that are universal. This is a big blind spot.
I don’t really agree with this take but I can at least see where Harris is coming from. The odd thing to me, though, is that the last time I thought about Sam Harris the issue was that he was specifically pushing harder to mainstream racist ideas.