Against Scientism—A Rejoinder to Bo and Ben Winegard | by
“In their dismissal of the deepest questions concerning human existence, Richard Dawkins and Peter Atkins speak not as dispassionate scientists, but as partisans to their own philosophical picture of reality.”
Against Scientism "Science is a method used to discover facts about the material world. Metaphysics, however, deals with the whole of reality, or put in philosophical language, being as such."
"A method that generates only scientific explanations cannot possibly conclude that nothing outside of those scientific explanations exists. This is like examining the world with a metal detector and concluding that rubber does not exist."
Has this made its way around Catholic Twitter yet?
Against Scientism—A Rejoinder to Bo and Ben Winegard ”Simply put, scientism is the application of scientific methods to non-scientific subjects. Scientism confuses method for Metaphysics."