⁩ said “he wants countries to build no new coal power plants after 2020, to put a price on the use of carbon,clean cities”Same recommendations to protect our health! ! ⁩ ⁦
Good to see calling on world leaders to stop subsidising fossil fuels. This is an urgent necessity if we are to keep global temperatures in line with a 1.5C rise. #ClimateAction
UN Secretary-General calls for "countries to build no new #coal power plants after 2020," an end to fossil fuel subsidies, carbon pricing, and net zero global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. via h/t
. Chief explains the only +ve of increasingly intense #ClimateChange impacts, is they raise awareness & will hopefully drive political will to catch up with the issue
UN chief says w/out "transformative" changes to global economy we face total disaster. And it's already worsening now.
AP exclusive interview: UN chief says future warming must be limited to just a smidge despite scientists saying its near impossible. Calls for no new coal plants after 2020, no fossil fuel subsidies; net zero carbon emissions by 2050
Bold from : demands countries agree to no new #coal power plants after 2020... his #climate summit in Sept is starting to get interesting
UN chief says 'total disaster' if warming not stopped
Guterres calling for no new coal plants to be built after 2020. I haven't seen that ask before. Consistent with the science, but is there *any* chance China would agree?