Baby #elephant firsts: blanket, bottle & wobbly steps. Help us care for milk-dependent orphaned elephants by adopting a baby in our care today:
RT if, like us, you can’t bear a world without these gentle giants with hearts to match 🐘 🐘 Become a part of the fight to save them: #WorldElephantDay
With her rotund tummy & kink in her tail, Tamiyoi is easily recognisable among the Nursery herd. Learn what it takes to adopt an orphan & how you can be a part of efforts to save Kenya’s orphaned #elephants at:
Side by side, step by step, we’re currently helping more than 80 orphaned elephants, like Shukuru, pictured here, travel along a path back to a life back in the wild. Join us by adopting an orphan & following their reintegration journey
Every #elephant in this video has lost their mother, usually at the hands of humans. Help us make it right:
2. At the stockades in Tsavo East National Park...sneaky boy Murit tries to get an extra milk bottle (notice his trunk)! Pika Pika -- who was just rescued -- slides in to try and charm her way into another bottle as well! Foster them:
It’s amazing what a difference a year at the SWT can make! Orphaned #elephant Mukkoka was rescued in Sept after a difficult start to life. With our help, he’s regained his strength. You can adopt either #elephant here:
Milk bottles at the ready for Faraja, Alamaya, Zongoloni, Jasiri and Quanza 🍼🍼. Five members of our 12 strong Umani orphan herd. You can meet all of the Umani orphans and read their stories at: