“We should be putting people in jail.” Democrats, furious at Trump's stonewalling, are exploring their options. Even those were were urging caution are talking about impeachment. “If the facts lead us to that objective, so be it,” told me.
A 'constitutional crisis'? Just like under the last two presidents?
“They fully expect their clash with Mr. Trump to be settled by the courts — and likely by the Supreme Court.” That’s the problem. It’s not the Court’s job to make the president listen to the House of Representatives. Only the House can do that.
I'm not a Watergate scholar. But didn't SCOTUS order Nixon to turn over tapes to special prosecutor because of their necessity in a criminal proceeding? And now, hasn't Trump already turned over material to special prosecutor? and
Facing a Trump Stonewall, Democrats Struggle for Options to Compel Cooperation - The New York Times