How a college kid from Tennessee became one of Trump's most visible young supporters -- only to end up indicted on federal wire fraud charges over an elaborate online scheme
Though he may be the youngest, John Lambert is not the first prominent Trump partisan to spend 2016 taunting Hillary Clinton about her supposed criminality, only to end up facing prison time himself instead.
He co-founded Students for Trump. Now, 23-year-old John Lambert stands charged by prosecutors with pretending to be a Manhattan lawyer to bilk would-be clients out of thousands of dollars
wild >> He Founded ‘Students for Trump.’ Now He Could Face Jail Time for Impersonating a Lawyer.
The US conservative movement sure seems to attract a lot of scam artists. Wonder why that is.
One of Trump's most visible young supporters also had a side-deal where he scammed people out of tens of thousands of dollars by pretending to be something he wasn't.
They do indeed photo copy Trump -Art of Pure Fraud... It's like a Virus that follows the Donald Cult, pure deception for personal benefit.
"I’m going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people." --Donald Trump, 8-8-15.