In recent years, at least six employees have left software company Intercom over allegations that the company’s CEO made unwanted advances to female employees.
Meticulous, careful and tough reporting here by . Very obvious the company was trying to spin this but she didn't back down.
The Intercom CEO cried during the meeting and said that he hadn’t realized there was a power imbalance between himself and the young woman, Schuur said. “I felt like I was just a guy at a party and she was just a girl,” Mr. McCabe said.
Intercom is a fast-growing tech unicorn. But there's more to the startup's story as found through months of dogged reporting. Her story
"At least a half-dozen employees have left the company over allegations that Mr. McCabe, its chief executive, made unwanted advances toward female Intercom staffers"
This reporting is essential. Bravo .
Big story: Over many months, interviewed more than 30 people who work or worked at Intercom about harassment allegations against CEO Eoghan McCabe and how the board and company handled them.
The hot SaaS co, Intercom hired Helen Cantwell, whom the CBS board hired to investigate harassment claims against Moonves, to investigate claims against its CEO that surfaced again in 's reporting. (An earlier investigation exonerated him)