I have a new piece on intersexual conflict and male dominance across human societies, focused particularly on the ways violence and coercion are used by males to control female sexuality and increase their own reproductive success
In depth article from looking at all the ways in which girls are constrained in hunter-gatherer societies--a set of facts which challenges the popular notion that female choice drove our evolution
A Girl’s Place in the World | by William Buckner
Latest article for Quillette is another piece on intersexual conflict, male dominated social practices, and constraints on female choice across human societies. Tried to give a broad overview of some of the themes I've touched on previously
“...the common thread is that males from populations with more power tend to pair with females from populations with less.”
by on the ways in which patriarchal authorities across the globe use coercion and violence to restrict female sexuality and reproductive autonomy
J'ai enfin pris le temps de lire cet article sur la prévalence de la domination (violence) masculine dans les sociétés dites traditionnelles. C'est dense et intéressant
How can female sexual selection be responsible for everything, when most females historically (& across the world) have not been able to choose their mates? addresses these & other questions
For example: "..the majority of the European ancestry in these populations comes from males, the result of social inequality in which mixed-race couplings were primarily between free males and female slaves."
Civilization truly is a thin veneer over barbarism