As a small town mayor, Bernie journaled about his "radical vision" and "jotted timelines of Soviet history" He couldn't pay his bills. The govt check was the "first steady paycheck of his adult life"
After the revolution came the hard part. Midway through his time as mayor, 45-year-old Bernie wrestled with personal and professional failure in a series of private notes, included in his papers at UVM
"The vicissitude of the last 5 years—plus my normal insanity—place me in an uncomfortable position."
Bernie Sanders was having a quarter-life crisis at age 45
Bernie is like a typical high-openness, low-conscientiousness journalist.
New campaign slogan? Bernie Sanders: Luftmensch* for president. *Yiddish: an impractical contemplative person having no definite business or income
Man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union realizes, "I'm not able to plan vacations."