Here's the article again. Name them and shame them
"Although her campaign received direct support from white supremacist groups, 's recently published financial statements suggest white collar donors were bigger enablers of her far-right mayoral campaign." via
They’re investors and real estate developers. They’re making money in global markets. They’re outsourcing Canadian jobs. Meet the wealthy Toronto elites who funded white nationalist Faith Goldy’s campaign for mayor: #topoli #cdnpoli
Extremely on brand that so many of these people are in the financial and real estate industry. Fund managers and mortgage brokers are some of the most depraved bigots you'll find anywhere
Meet the Wealthy Toronto Elites Who Funded White Nationalist Faith Goldy’s Campaign for Mayor
Name them and shame them
White nationalist Faith Goldy (frequently retweeted by Rep. Steve King) was backed financially in her failed run for mayor of Toronto by some of the city's wealthy elites.