Paradigmatic 2019 story: coordinated release of nebulous complaints couched in the poisonously vague therapyspeak of "hostility" and "harm", surrounds an unpopular person - in this case Harvard's first and only black dean -- in a miasma of suspicion.
The Crimson, our student newspaper, also recently published an article detailing an allegedly toxic work environment in Winthrop—not since the Weinstein development, but over the past THREE YEARS.
But according to the Crimson, Sullivan's defense of Weinstein had little to do with his firing. Read the piece. It's credible. Even people not exactly known for their interest in nuance (second pic is Dreher) are urging caution.
Over the past three months, and I spoke to Winthrop affiliates about a toxic House environment under Faculty Deans Ronald Sullivan and Stephanie Robinson since 2016
Many of the takes about whether Harvard should have removed Ron Sullivan, the prof defending Harvey Weinstein, from his job as faculty dean seem to be overlooking ’s reporting on how Sullivan and his wife were regarded by the people they managed
One thing about high-profile college personnel controversies that appear to be driven by hot-button national cultural issues is they are often heavily driven by parochial matters of no outside interest.
‘With Us or Against Us’: Current, Former Winthrop Affiliates Say Faculty Deans Created a Toxic Environment Stretching Back Years | News | The Harvard Crimson
shit about the community. It's sad that it took hot-button indecency to finally get people reporting on their years of run-of-the-mill Klobuchar-esque (well, worse) indecency: (I know other stories from up close)
The story seems to be a lot more complex than the Weinstein angle.
There were other serious concerns, for several years, and not about political correctness, with Sullivan's conduct at Winthrop House. Unfortunate that his defending Weinstein and Fyer became the justification for removing him.