Touching story from about his inability to 'bear witness' as a Mormon child. It's a story about choosing self-honesty over easy social approval, and will resonate with believers & non-believers alike
Bearing Witness: My Journey Out of Mormonism | by
"I noticed that testimony-bearers tended to use the same cadence & intonation when they spoke. The words 'I’d like to bear my testimony; I know this church is true'...seemed to be wearing a deep groove into my brain."
I slogged through this because I feel an obligation to anyone who endures this kind of religious upbringing. But it's pure genre. All I came away with is: how can you survive such gaslighting and feel anything but empathy for victims of other ideologies?
Great essay by . As someone who was raised in a non-religious family, I always find personal accounts of people who found/lost religion fascinating, perhaps because what they're describing is so alien to my experience.