Hi, have you heard? A contestant on The Bachelorette says he has 114 children as a sperm donor. I wrote about how many is too many and who regulates the number (Spoiler: nobody)
A very important Bachelorette curtain-raiser from
This is why - on some profound, elemental level - men run the world, from families to tribes to nations. Virginia Woolf wasn’t strong enough to bear a single child. This nitwit has 114.
A question for our time: How many kids is too many? reports on the Bachelorette contestant who claims to have fathered 114 kids as a sperm donor.
The Trouble With Fathering 114 Kids
ABC please respond to about this bachelorette contestant
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This piece is full of astonishments
In 2019, ephemeralization allows a 25yo reality-TV Joe Schmo to father 112 children – without the Genghis-Khan-era prerequisite of conquering most of Eurasia
Single sperm donors have produced 50, 100, and even 189 biological children. These stories provoke an obvious question: How many children is too many for one donor? The U.S. has never considered this issue a necessary one to regulate. via
A 'Bachelorette' Contestant Says He Has 114 Sperm-Donor Kids