This is why a magazine needs editors--the adults at appear to be asleep at the wheel
This is possibly the last time I'll be sharing my piece -I spent a good two hours blocking trolls last night, it's exhausting. and , I admire you so much. I don't know how you manage (my harassment is nothing in comparison)
A young lady in Mauritius complains about a young man in Mauritius: There is this awful Alt-Right boy … whom I just can’t stop thinking about — but, but that’s because I HATE him! Stop smiling. He’s horrible! I loathe Mr. Darcy. via
Here it is. See Claire? *This* is how journalism is done.
"The Mauritian alt-right's posts range from general feminist bashing to sponsoring the men’s rights initiative to bewailing civilizational decline to promoting rape culture." Ariel Saramandi writes:
"The alt-right unites young Mauritian artists, professionals, pseudo-intellectuals, those who have studied abroad, those who never left." Ariel Saramandi on the Mauritian alt-right