GOING CRITICAL — a 🆕 interactive essay! How to prevent disease, control nuclear reactions, and encourage the spread of ideas. All with playable simulations.
If I was going to pay $5k for an APC, I'd expect my paper to look like this
Very nice post from — simple truths made explicit through agent-based modeling
Really enjoyed this piece from ; puts the concept of knowledge diffusion & network diversities into digestible formats
A fantastic interactive essay on thinking about network science and diffusion, by
Powerful musings on diffusion processes in graphs, and a beautiful example of Science communication
On the spread of novel ideas in scientific discourse: "... how to speed things up: make it easier for expert nodes to share ideas." Yep, pretty much!
On criticality, transmissivity, infectivity, and outbreaks, from diseases and wldfires, to ideas. Terrific work by .
We need a lot of this sort of thing in schools. Kudos to
I like talked about the concept of "default" keynesian. A node is "default" X if it has been infected by X only because of the lack of competing virus in its environment. I think it would be a useful addition to models of in
Fantastic read: Going Critical
Using embedded simulations, this post explains diffusion, how things move and spread, somewhat chaotically, across a network.
Count me as a fan of Showing how some ideas/infections can only sustain in dense communities, and a model of precisely how careerists can dampen progress in science, was really cool.
This is very good. Follow it to the end!