Very important piece from ⁦
“ defend an accused criminal is not to defend his or her alleged crime—and that conflating the two by imposing social sanctions on attorneys would make criminal trials more like popularity contests”
The Damage That Harvard Has Done. on the university's "shameful capitulation to popular passions"
Rather than infer a responsibility of the very privileged to uphold civic norms for the benefit of those who most need them, Harvard, which purports to educate future leaders, chose to prioritize transient discomfort felt by its most aggrieved students.
There are a few people whose work I will always read, no matter the subject. is one of them.
"Legal representation for even the most reviled is a service to the community, not a transgression against it" argues that Harvard was wrong on Ronald Sullivan
“Protecting the norms around the right to counsel is orders of magnitude more important than the ‘unenlightened or misplaced’ discomfort of some Harvard undergraduates...”
Harvard's "shameful capitulation to popular passions" - as it removes Sullivan as a dean - teaches students the wrong lesson.
“Educational institutions ought to teach young adults this justice-enhancing logic. Harvard is now teaching its undergraduates how to undermine it.”
has written about this too. "The damage Harvard has done." Not just Harvard, but every institution that failed these students.
"But protecting the norms around the right to counsel is orders of magnitude more important than the 'unenlightened or misplaced' discomfort of some Harvard undergraduates."
Sometimes I don’t know whether ⁦⁩ is holding up a mirror or documenting the end of the Republic. Each is profound.
The Damage That Harvard Has Done - The Atlantic
New report suggests ousted a dean for representing #HarveyWeinsten. Potentially serious implications for #dueprocess. Also beginning to seem like "climate surveys" are often politicized efforts at conformity.