One of the things I liked about this interview is the maturation & growth reflected in . Haters will cast this as “rehabilitation,” but as a friend I know it is genuine. Watch this if you have the chance. ht ⁦
Ok, another podcast rec that I just devoured on the plane—> an incredibly interesting convo between and . You won’t agree w all of it, but open your mind and you will learn a few things for certain
Back in the hot seat! Cernovich returns to the today at 3 p.m. PST
Almost two hours with . We talk rape accusations, Pizzagate, trolling, Trump and more
Live with at 3 pm pacific today. Gonna talk about media criticism, past controversies, poltical strategy, the haters, Trump, online censorship and more. Set notification!
Live with in 2 minutes. Gonna dive into all the controversies from trolling to Pizzagate. Looking forward to all the selectively edited videos by blue check “journalists” on this one!
Mike ’s Talk with on censorship got throttled by YouTube. Cerno predicts bank accounts are next
We discussed that, as well as rape accusations, Pizzagate and more. also took several lefty positions on social issues and economics. Hard to fit in a box which is perhaps why he gets so much hate. YouTube: Podcast:
“[Trump's] a leftist. He is. He was always a liberal before he became a Republican. Reformed leftists are the Left’s worst nightmare.” Mike talks Trump and the culture of “Owning the libs” on The . Watch the full interview:
Mike Cernovich: Trump, Censorship, and Trolls on fire. He’s at his peak skill level.
Great long form interview. I watched the whole thing on the Acela to DC. It's a fantastic explainer. (my uninvited suggestion: if it could be broken down into Twitter sized vids)
This is a great interview with . Highly recommended if you don't know what to think of him from his tweets. Touches on a lot of interesting and important topics.
"One million subscribers. Eight thousand views. Nope. Ain't right." lol yeah the shadow banning even of my name is too obvious
The 2020 election, major trends, and Trump.
Cernovich's video's usually aren't this good, they're too hyper focused on one issue at a time and he gets more rambly and repeats himself too much. But here Cernovich was at his best.
I talk about how my own wife and daughter have been targeted.
Trump, Censorship, and Trolls
Cernovich is an unbearably arrogant and annoying f-stick. - Cernovich is a broken man. - This dude is an idiot if he dont see whats going in. Find out if the hype is real here
Anyhow, if Quillette is going to cry about my interview on , then report on the actual interview.