"The trick is: elect Democrats."
If you've ever thought about buying carbon offsets for your flights... maybe read this piece by and then donate to instead
A ton of states and cities are taking strong action on climate & clean energy. I noticed that they all have something in common.
"The trick is: elect Democrats." #coleg #copolitics
"Perhaps climate & clean energy *shouldn’t be* partisan. But at the present moment, purely as a descriptive matter, they are partisan."
You know the One Weird Trick to get strong climate policies enacted, right?
Others have written about this. This recent article on this subject comes to mind
Just in the last week, Maine & New York -- like Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, & California -- figured out the One Weird Trick that allows states to pass great climate policy.
This one weird trick can help any state or city pass clean energy policy A political strategy that actually works.
How, you ask, did Colorado pass a law to cut *all* CO2 emissions (not just electricity) 50% by 2030 & 90% by 2050? By using the same "one weird trick" used to cut GHG emissions by all these other states and cities across the US! See how you can too!