ICMYI: "We know that we can make people kinder by shifting their worldview & their perspective & sense of awe." - Dr More on the 'goodness' of people and how its measured...
This article on our light triad research is currently #1 on the entire Australian Broadcasting Corp. News website! About time the light side of human nature got some media attention:
. weighs in on the psychology of goodness.
Psychology researchers have flipped their focus away from narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism to explore what characteristics are present in people who are the everyday saints around us. Maybe you're one of them?
"I wanted to see if there was anything interesting about people who are not arseholes... You don't have to feel connection to someone in order to love the person, and we're trying to capture that sense of universal love and respect."
"Surely Jon Snow would score high on the light triad. Or would he?" Now we know... #GameofThrones #TheFinalEpisode
"If you're afraid of your inner dark side it may be possible to make yourself lighter."