'One central fact is now beyond dispute: The recent slump in Labour’s support has been caused by the desertion of voters who want the UK to stay in the European Union.'
In Lexiteer circles all polls disproving their delusions are written off as "manipulated by Tories" but here it is anyway. Confirms what I reported yesterday about candidate experience on doorstep...
“The largest block of leave voters were middle-class Conservatives, followed by working-class Conservatives. Just one in eight leave voters was a working-class Labour supporter. ” #bbcaq
This from could not be clearer - policy 'is specifically haemorrhaging remain votes without enhancing its appeal to leave voters'. Time to change tack.
If you're saying a public vote policy for Labour was an error you've got a short memory. Our polling collapsed when we went pro-Brexit in the Spring and without a change in policy we would have suffered higher election losses. The error was the election.
When you look at the detailed picture the polls show, it's evident that Labour would benefit strongly from supporting Remain
In a democracy, people can and do change their mind. For example, one in 10 leave voters who voted Labour in 2017 now support remain parties