Paul Huntsman wanted to save the Tribune -- the main voice of public accountability for the Mormon Church -- from the ruin of hedge-fund ownership. Buying it turned out to be the easy part.
Fascinating story on Paul Huntsman’s efforts to save the Salt Lake Tribune by giving it away. via
Fascinating story on Paul Huntsman, from a prominent Mormon family, and The Salt Lake Tribune: "His faith can also make life tricky, now that he is running a paper that keeps a close watch on the Mormon Church in a state where it holds significant power."
“[H]arsh business realities..have weakened or killed off papers all across the country. “Huntsman reimagined what The Tribune would look like as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. [T]he paper would take in revenue from ads, subscriptions and philanthropic donations.”
“To undermine the press is, to me, no different than undermining our houses of worship.”