I get being frustrated by reporters, but Bernie here is shockingly rude to ⁦⁩, who is just trying to do her job. We already have a president who attacks the press, condescends and refuses to answer questions he deems stupid.
Sanders, asked if he recalled chants of “Here, there, everywhere, the Yankee will die” at a Nicaragua rally he was at in ‘85, said, "They were fighting against American- Huh huh - yes, what is your point?" Then said no memory of chant via ⁦
NYT tries to get Bernie to apologize for his un-American opposition to murderous right-wing juntas in the 1980s and Bernie is just openly contemptuous of the interviewer. He’s right, but also this shows why he would be a formidable candidate against Trump.
Genuinely gotta give credit to Bernie for employing the tactic of asking reporters “what the fuck are you talking about?”
It is just astonishing that a reporter would enter into an interview on foreign policy issues with the blatant goal of holding the politician to account for being insufficiently nationalistic and literally no understanding of the actual history
do....you have to be this rude in order to be come president? is that the requirement today?
This is the perfect encapsulation of leftist views on USFP. Everything is seen through the prism of “America being bad.”
You get the distinct impression from reading this the NYT reporter either doesn’t care about the death and suffering caused by US foreign policy or is just painfully ignorant.
This whole interview is incredible
2 thoughts reading this Sanders interview with the NYT: 1) He's a grumpy and unpleasant person who has trouble dealing with tough questions. 2) In terms of FP, he is the most anti-American major Presidential candidate of my lifetime.
The ⁦⁩ is having a hard time acknowledging what their report on 40 years of foreign policy positions taken by ⁦⁩ reveals: ⁦Sanders has been, more often than not, and with a consistency that’s rare in politics... right.
In an interview with the New York Times, Bernie Sanders, one of the leading candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, discussed his long-held opposition to war and his support for socialist leaders
Bernie Sanders initially declined an interview for our story yesterday about how he tried to infuse local politics with international issues when he was mayor. After the story published, he asked for an interview. Here’s what he told me
This interview is incredible, mostly for what it reveals about so many journalists' knee-jerk nationalism. I lol'd at Bernie asking "Are you shocked to learn that there was anti-American sentiment?"
Great interview from Bernie today
"I did everything that I could as a mayor of a small city to stop the United States from getting involved in another war in Central America trying to overthrow a government," Bernie Sanders said about his opposition to American foreign policy in the 1980s
Here's the NYT in its role as the sniveling altar boy of American Civil Religion, attempting to extract an apology for not loving America unquestioningly. As Chesterton says somewhere, "My country right or wrong" is like saying "My mother drunk or sober".
I'm going to guess that, yes, does know these historical events Bernie accuses her of not knowing
Reading tweets about this interview all day it’s really quite the Rorschach test. (I grew up boycotting El Salvador and with parents deeply suspicious of a video game called “Contra” so you know how I see it)
In a general against Sanders, Reps would (disingenuously) make case that he “repeatedly sided with America’s enemies in the Cold War” MSM is likely to provide enough cover for this to stick & Sanders reaction may not disspitate it
Bernie Sanders asked to be interviewed by , and when it did so, he couldn't have been more supercilious and patronizing toward the reporter
"I plead guilty to, throughout my adult life, doing everything that I can to prevent war and destruction."
Bernie apparently requested a followup interview with the NYT’s Sydney Ember, who in her typical fashion had portrayed him in a highly cynical and negative light. The result was classic Bernie: appropriately crotchety and abrasive
Do read this interview that did with after her story about him ran, not before.
Do you think if you had heard that directly, you would have stayed at the rally? "I think Sydney, with all due respect, you don’t understand a word that I’m saying."
Relying on Saudi Arabia and Iran to create peace in the region. And this is someone being praised for his newfound interest in foreign policy!
It’s often said that American foreign policy is defined by a refusal to admit a mistake, but that isn’t quite true. Rather, it’s an inability to acknowledge that anybody knew it was a mistake at the time.
Geez NY Times get a grip
I'm really struggling with Sanders in this interview. His tone is so condescending. I'm sure there's some context I'm missing, but this is very off-putting.