So Bernie's plan to woo African-Americans is to... shut down the best public schools their kids can attend?
Bernie sanders has a reactionary school reform rollback plan that would be devastating for poor urban children
Opposition to public charter schools among Democrats is overwhelmingly white. There's a reason for that.
A very telling poll. Dem voter support for charters by race.
New research shows the best charters schools can scale up and help more low-income urban children. Bernie Sanders wants to shut them down anyway.
"What charters do instead is offer poor urban children a better education. And the results at the best models are remarkable."
New study finds charters can close the achievement gap and can scale up their success. Bernie sanders wants to close them down.
Bernie Sanders is attacking one of the most effective social policy innovations for low-income urban children
Even I was somehow being straight-up paid to promote public charter schools, it's striking how the critics fixate on an imagined financial conflict to ignore the massive evidence these schools are helping poor urban kids
Bernie's education plan is to destroy the best public schools low-income urban kids have
Buttigieg is right to oppose for-profit charters, which are about 20% of the total and tend to have mediocre performance. His opposition to the non-profit public charter sector is an attack on a highly successful and progressive social policy
Response to at bottom: No, charter schools are not doing better just because the parents applied for a lottery
An impotent point from Chait, and a great bad sign about Sanders: Bernie Wants To Destroy The Best Schools Poor City Kids Have