Howard Wilkinson was working in a branch of Danske Bank in Estonia when he discovered some suspicious transactions: “Banks are supposed to check the money coming in… Evidently it wasn't being done.”
More than 5 years since he became a whistleblower, Howard Wilkinson says the chance of tracing the laundered money is diminishing: “It's certainly not impossible, but it's many, many times harder. A lotta snow has fallen over the footprints.”
See how a simple public records search showed this whistleblower that one of the bank’s biggest customers was filing fraudulent financial statements. At the same time, Lantana Trade LLP was passing up to $20 million a day through Dankse Bank.
How the Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled
Media blame Russians or the and all the big banks for money-laundering $230 billion. But not many recognize that KYC/AML surveils innocent small users while being quite useless against actual criminals. #MyDataMyLife