Trump on Sunday night called for an investigation into financial ties between China and Biden's family. That's become par for the course, but not a normal presidential course. via and me.
NEW: HUNTER BIDEN advised a Romanian real estate magnate who was convicted & sentenced to prison over a corrupt land deal at a time that his father's administration & its allies were pushing Romania to clamp-down on corruption.
Missed this bit from : John Kerry's step-son was uncomfortable with Hunter Biden/partner's dealings with China and Ukraine, feeling they created appearance of selling influence. When deals proceeded he began separating assets from them
NEW: HUNTER BIDEN's lawyer disputes the characterization of his China deal that led TRUMP to demand an investigation: Hunter was not an equity owner in China fund while was VP. He later acquired a 10% stake, but has not received any $ from it.
Donald Trump wants the attorney general -- "his" attorney general in his view -- to investigate anyone he deems his enemy. He leads his rally crowds in gutteral chants of "lock them up!" And now he has William Barr.
"It was not the first time that Mr. Trump has threatened investigations of his political enemies"
#Trump’s escalating demands for investigations into his political opponents have intensified concern that his calls for action by the #Justice Dept amount to abusing his power to bolster his re-election prospects. #AbuseOfPower via ⁦